What to Do Before Hiring Commercial Roof Replacement Services in Columbus

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There are plenty of roofing companies that serve Columbus; however, not all roofing companies have the skill set required to replace the roof on your apartment or retail building. It takes a special set of skills to manage roof repair and replacement for an apartment. According to Roofing Contractors, about 5 million roofs a year are installed. Here are a few things you should know before hiring commercial roof repair and replacement services.

1. Research Roofing Companies Online

Of course, browsing the site of your roofing company of choice will go a long way in evaluating how capable they are of meeting your needs. Large commercial projects will need a roofing brand with the necessary experience and expertise on display. Peruse the company’s site to view a gallery of their previous work. Use the contact forms on their site to get in touch with them and ask how they abide by building codes if that information is not already on their pages.

2. Ask For References

The roofing company you work with must have a positive reputation among former clients. Ask the roofing company for references, and then be sure you call the references. Direct communication with references is the best way to learn more about the company. Past performance can be a good predictor of what you can expect from the roofing company.

3. Get Everything In Writing

Don’t sign a contract unless everything you have been promised is written in that contract. Promises that are not in writing can easily be broken. It is best for everyone’s protection that the contract clearly outlines the cost, the scope of work, and a time frame. Don’t make any exceptions to the “get it in writing” rule. Any additional promises not included in the contract should not be depended on. Transparency is very important. If a salesperson from the roofing company is unwilling to write down what they are offering, consider it not a genuine offer.

Working with the right roofing companies will ensure your commercial roofing project combines perfectly. Ratliff Contracting is proud to provide our world-class services for your commercial projects in Columbus, OH. Connect with us or browse our site today to take a look at our customer testimonials and full range of expert services!

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